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Wisconsin Flooded Basment Repairs and Cleanup Services

A flooded basement is a devastating event that is sometimes unexpected. This issue needs to be addressed in a timely manner, according to local codes. When your basement floods, it is in your best interest that you do not try to tackle this job on your own. There are many variables that are involved when cleaning up contaminated water and it needs to be performed correctly by a team of professionals, such as the Wisconsin Restoration Pros.

The first step to be taken by a professional is making sure the affected area is safe. Electrical hazards, toxic fumes, and also natural gas can be threats following a flooded basement. Once a professional has assessed and recognized these problems, the water needs to be removed ASAP.

Water extraction can be done a couple of ways, and that is suction, absorption, fans, dehumidifiers, and even specialized drying agents. These drying agents are strictly regulated, and usually require specialized training and certification before a professional can use them. It is vital to your property to remove, treat, or dispose of water damaged items within your property. Mold and mildew are funguses that thrive off of moisture and porous materials, and a flooded basement is the perfect target for growth.

A Water Restoration Professional can assess your personal items and identify which of them can be salvaged, and which cannot. Clear markings, depending on the local regulations in your area, will be employed to decide which items are to be restored. After sustaining water damage, it is important that the air keeps circulating throughout the structure. This can be done by turning the air conditioning down and keeping the air moving as much as possible. It is also recommended that masks are used until a mold assessment can be done.

The last step of the process involves the process of applying chemicals and treatments that can be used on any part of the property. Usually, chemicals such as sanitizers, germicides, anti-microbial agents, and drying agents are used.

Unfortunately, each job is different and the restoration process can be more difficult. When dealing with water damage some surface materials such as wall framing and flooring may need to be replaced. Contaminated materials will also need to be disposed of, and this can be a costly as well as dangerous job. Following the disposal, health and building officials will inspect the contaminated materials.

More often than not, a professional restoration company will follow the above steps. However, each situation is different and may hold more hazardous materials or mold for that matter. This will require more specialized services, which in that case, is vital that you call a professional.

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A professional basement flood cleaning service typically follows the above mentioned steps, generally in order, for the vast majority of flood cases. However, more serious damage and special conditions that include hazardous materials and mold often require specialized removal and treatments, making it essential to call a professional as soon as flooding is suspected.

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