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Mold Remediation Services in Wisconsin

mold covering wallIf you have mold in your home or business, it needs to be taken care of STAT! Calling the professionals in this type of situation is always the best option.  The Restoration Pros of Wisconsin are your Mold Remediation Pros, and we can take care of virtually any size mold infestation you may have. With over a decade of experience under our belt, we want to help you restore your property back to its former glory.

Mold growth is a problem in many homes. While virtually all homes have mold spores floating in the air, these spores can only cause a problem if they find a spot of moisture in which to grow. Black mold particularly causes a host of health problems from mild allergy symptoms to headaches to coughing up blood. That is why you should not hesitate after detecting mold on your property. By calling in a time efficient manner, you are avoiding the health problems that may ensue if not taken care of.

Since moisture is the main problem when dealing with mold, we can recommend on how to treat water problems. If the professional removes the mold but the water problem still exists, the mold will likely return. Here are a few things a professional will do to correct a mold problem:

  1. Make Sure Mold is Present on the Property

A good mold remediation company will show the home or business owner what the mold looks like and where they found it. Charging someone to clean up mold that is not there is a serious fraud issue! The first step a professional company will take is to fully assess the property and make sure mold is present, the cause, then set up a strategy to remove it.

  1. Keep the Mold Contained to One Area

Once the restoration firm has located the mold, they will take precautions so that it does not spread to other areas of the property. As they work to remove the mold, they will place sheets of plastic around the area that contains mold spores. This keeps the mold from reproducing itself in the rest of the home. Even if the mold does contaminate more than one area, the professionals will work one room at a time.

  1. Perform Air Purification

After containing the mold, the next step is to clean, or purify, the air. This is important because mold spores travel throughout the air, and your property could be re-contaminated if the air is not cleaned properly.  Contractors will filter the air through machines equipped with HEPA filters. This removes any mold spores and other contaminating materials from the air to prevent continuous growth/

  1. Rid Your Property Of Mold

Once the experts have completed the prep work, they will begin the strenuous task of removing mold. They will clean glass, plastic and other non-porous materials first. Mold hides in crevices of materials like concrete or wood, so it is sometimes difficult to remove it all. Sometimes the contractor will have to dispose of these materials if the mold has grown too deep.

  1. Repair Mold Damage

After ridding the home of unsalvageable materials, the remaining damage can often be corrected and repaired.  Waterproofing will help the homeowner to avoid future mold growth. Once the moisture source is gone, the mold should not return.

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